Print file preparation

Print files accepted to initiate the printing process:

  1. Composite PDF file using only CMYK colors
  2. PDF with marked Pantone colors
  3. EPS in CMYK or Pantone
  4. AI or ID open files with added fonts. If fonts cannot be added, please convert fonts to curves.

In case we find problems, concerning color profile or image quality issues (less than 300 dpi) we will send back the file with a comment, for correction.

Should You not be able to prepare the file, as listed above, please send us elements to prepare the project – our company e-mail is:

If the color of the print is crucial for Your company, it is possible to order a proof print of the project, before the realization of the production run. The proof print will be sent to you for approval – the cost of proof print preparation with shipment is 40 euro.